Mobile game, Clash of Kings, although not officially related to George R. R. Martin’s novel of the same name, is nonetheless riding the Game of Thrones premiere hype today. Elex Tech has created an ad campaign strategically timed with the season 6 premiere of HBO’s viral television sensation, which was broadcasted in the UK by Sky Atlantic. It started with a television ad to promote Clash of Kings, which aired during the Game of Thrones broadcast, but the marketing campaign doesn’t end there.

Promotions will continue through Game of Thrones fan sites in the hours and days following the TV spot, using hype from the show’s season 6 premiere to attract new game downloads and purchases. The results are then monitored in real-time to gauge new user acquisition along with in-game behaviors.

Clash of Kings is a real-time fantasy strategy war game for mobile devices, but it can also be played on Facebook. Named Facebook’s Game of the Year in 2015, Elex’s pocket-sized battle for kingdom domination shares similar themes to Game of Thrones, making the season premier hype a prime location to attract new fans. It is also considered a mid-core title for its required time investment and strategy. The game placed number twelve on NewZoo’s chart for top iOS games in March 2016 by downloads and revenue.

Game of Thrones was created with viral content in mind, with HBO creating a social media strategy a year-and-a-half prior to the show’s premiere, and even turning to fans for casting suggestions. The show was the most-talked about television program on Facebook in 2015, and attracted 20.2 million viewers per episode in 2015 on all platforms in the U.S.

While Game of Thrones fans digest what they’ve seen on the season 6 premiere, Elex is digesting the response from their Clash of Kings TV spot. The game already boasts over 10 million registered users, so now it’s up to the publisher to evaluate how many in-game purchases are being made as a result of the campaign.