Last night, the annual CLIO Key Art Awards brought together 1,200 attendees to celebrate entertainment marketing’s finest.

“This is an industry that continues to evolve, as every year the newest ideas and techniques are introduced,” said Nicole Purcell, president of CLIO.

Taking home those coveted shiny trophies this time around with some big wins: Microsoft Studios/Xbox, Game Publisher of the Year, FX Networks received the honor of Television Network of the Year and Warner Bros. nabbed Studio of the Year.

Ayzenberg also emerged with 8 statuettes for work on the Halo HUNT the TRUTH campaign, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter V and Microsoft’s “Jump Ahead” E3 Trailer.

The Halo HUNT the TRUTH campaign alone won numerous awards, for creative content, sound design, copywriting and innovation.

HUNT the TRUTH has been an incredible collaboration between Ayzenberg and Xbox; an immense amount of passion and creativity has been exhibited which is now garnering the recognition it deserves,” said Kate Fisher, Social Media Marketing Manager at Xbox. “22 episodes, six hours of audio content, 34 custom images, key art, fan engagements. It all adds up to an award-worthy execution.”

“I’m incredibly proud of this campaign and everything we’ve accomplished,” said Noah Eichen, Creative Director at Ayzenberg. “This was by far the most challenging yet creatively rewarding campaign I’ve ever worked on. The passion and reverence for the brand as well as the drive the team has displayed throughout has been inspiring. Whether it’s the fan feedback or accolades, I think the results speak for themselves.”

Click here for a full list of Clio Key Art Award winners.

noah eichen ayzenbergAyzenberg’s Noah Eichen had his hands full at the CLIO Key Art Awards on October 22nd.

Images via The Hollywood Reporter