Conan O’Brien’s first TV interview on 60 minutes won’t be shown until this Sunday, but CBS has already released an excerpt. In the clip O’Brien indicates he would not have done to Jay Leno what Leno did to him.

“He went and took that show back, and I think in a similar situation, if roles had been reversed, I know — I know me, I wouldn’t have done that. If I had surrendered ‘The Tonight Show’ and handed it over to somebody publicly and wished them well — and then six months later. But that’s me, you know. Everyone’s got their own, you know, way of doing things,” said O Brien, who when asked what he would have done, responded, “Done something else, go someplace else. I mean, that’s just me.”

After the situation became clear, O’Brien didn’t think that staying at NBC would bear fruit. “I think this relationship is going be toxic and maybe we just need to go our separate ways,” he added. “That’s really how it felt to me. And I started to feel that I’m not sure these people even really want me here. I can’t do it [anymore].”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter