An article from has shown a series of magazine covers by the Mediavengers exposing what the world would be like if superheroes were real. These also explore how magazines like Time and Newsweek would be covering the exploits of the world’s favorite masked heroes. This brings up a brilliant question: What if video game characters were also shown to be in the real world

For example: What if Nathan Drake actually had discovered El Dorado as he did in the first Uncharted game? Such a massive discovery could give Drake the reputation of a modern day, real life Indiana Jones. The cover of Time Magazine could easily feature headlines such as “Nathan Drake: How One Rugged Treasure Hunter Is Changing the Face of Archeology” featuring a cover like the box art of Uncharted 3.

What if Abstergo’s ancestral memory-reaching technology was to make it to the front page of Scientific American? Or what about seeing the news of an outbreak like the one described in The Last of Us on the front page of the New York Times Showing readers parallels or connections to the real-world is an effective way of grabbing attention. When you give a basis in reality, like the cover of a magazine or newspaper, readers can see that there is an air of connectedness and understanding between the game and the gamer.

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