According to a new survey from Adobe, 28 percent of shoppers online enjoy having ads shown to them with a personal touch, identifying what they might like to buy next. On the other hand, buyers also said that they would be unwilling to share any more information with retailers to make these ads. In addition, 54 percent of those surveyed said the web banner just doesn’t work as a form of online advertising anymore.

Being able to have advertising customized to a consumer’s wants and needs is an important part of advertising; if consumers are going to be seeing ads, they might as well be seeing ads that are relevant to their interests. Mobile ad developer Heyzap, for example, uses a social platform to find out what interests gamers have in purchasing apps to recommend new ones. The easiest way to customize advertising is to turn advertising into a social experience – make shoppers want to tell more about their shopping desires in the interest of having a better shopping experience online.

Game marketers need to remember that gamers are hungry for information, not just pretty pictures. Revealing and highlighting key game features, especially if you can determine the features each person is most interested in, will give ads much greater appeal.


Source: Yahoo