Australia’s entertainment ratings board has refused to grant rating classification for Sega’s Alien vs. Predator due to violent content, reports Gamespot.  The game has joined a growing list of recent titles rejected for inappropriate content by the country, which has no game rating equivalent to a mature or 18+ rating used in the U.S., UK and other major territories.

In denying the game a rating in its current form and effectively banning it, Australia’s Classification Board cited violence such as decapitation, dismemberment, location-specific damage, and the depiction of human corpses as trophies.   Sega said it will appeal the ruling but made no comment regarding changes to the game to address the board’s objections.  Gamespot suggests Sega’s refusal to censor content in order to release “Alien vs. Predator” in Germany may have set precedence for the same outcome in Australia should the appeal be denied.

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