Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has announced that DC Universe Online has seen its one-year anniversary. As celebration of this, players will receive a special one-of-a-kind One Year Anniversary Cape that features a number “1” on the back for every character that exists on January 11, 2012.

“We broke a lot of new ground with last year’s launch of DC Universe Online, both by successfully creating the first PS3 MMO community and adding true action combat to the genre,” said Lorin Jameson, Executive Director of Development, Sony Online Entertainment. “The free-to-play transition at the end of last year is a proof point that our community is stronger and larger than ever. We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far and look forward to continuously striving to improve the game.”

DCUO has seen the creation of over 3.5 million Heroes, more than 2 million Villains, more than 1.8 million registered players on PC, with over 2.3 million registered players on PS3 and 3.6 million days of playtime total by all players in-game. Since launch, SOE has added 1,200 new NPC characters, more than 200 new quests, over 2,500 new items added since launch, an additional 15 new zones and 1,800 new encounters.