The Kickstarter for Dead State has reached its stated goal of $150,000. However, with nearly a week to go, the project still has some bonus goals it might reach. Already reached has been the Weapon Pack goal of $180,000, which which will have 10 weapons and another three picked by users.

At $210,000 there will be areas like a military base, airport, fair and mall, $240,000 will have more animations and allies, $260,000 will add more character customization. Once $300,000 is reached, they’ll add a new area in the City, $330,000 will add pets, and $360,000 will include a mini-expansion.

“Why are stretch goals important Besides adding new features and polish to the game, stretch goals help us recruit new team members and bring part-time folks on full-time, which means more people working on Dead State,” writes DoubleBear Productions. “Additionally, about 8-10 percent of whatever we make goes to fees for Kickstarter or Amazon, so the more we make, the more that we have to offset those fees and spend on the game. We’re going to keep knocking on doors and talking to the press to get as many eyes on us as possible.”