Electronic Arts has removed all blog posts relating to the the Voodoo Tomahawk and Project Honor charity from its Medal of Honor website after articles by Eurogamer and The Gameological Society raised concerns about the promotion, causing an outcry. EA indicates that the other promotions for Project Honor are still going ahead with items that include gun modifications, flashlights and nylon patches.

“The Voodoo Tomahawk has since been removed from our website because of the article,” said Danger Close executive producer Greg Goodrich. “That was an effort to raise a lot of money for charity, and we were well on our way to raising a lot of money with that tomahawk, but I don’t know what will happen with that now. That whole effort, we’ve been working with those partners because we wanted to be authentic, and we wanted to give back to the communities. Every one of those partners, none of them paid a dime for product placement – all the money generated went to Project Honor.”

“It’s an experience, and it’s a video game, and they’re going on that journey and learning about these group of people. It doesn’t mean that they have any less respect for these. Maybe it’s a cultural thing,” added Goodrich. “If I played Need for Speed, and I’m handed the key to a Porsche, does that make me want to get in it and drive like a maniac and run people over No, I played a game, and now I’m driving a car in real life but I’m not going to go crazy with it because I played a video game. In a first-person shooter we’re not teaching someone how to shoot better or be a better operator just by playing a game. It doesn’t compute, just like when I play Madden NFL football I can’t expect win the Super Bowl just because I played a video game.”

Source: Eurogamer.net