The free-to-play market has picked up quite a bit in games over the years, and now Electronic Arts wants its turn at the market.

Speaking with Engadget at Gamescom, EA COO Peter Moore explained that the company is looking to make free-to-play aspects available for every major franchise it has.

“The ability for you to be able to interact with those franchises on a free-to-play basis is going to be part-and-parcel with every major franchise we do now,” stated Moore.

He also stated the importance of online gaming. “We don’t ship a game at EA that is offline. It just doesn’t happen. And gamers either want to be connected so their stats and achievements reflect who they are, or you want the full multiplayer experience on top of that. We don’t deliver offline experiences anymore.

We’ll see how EA shifts into the next-gen market when its first run of games for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ship this fall.

Source: GamesIndustry International