The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) announced that they are offering a year of membership for free for those who sign up through the Red Bull Gaming homepage. Membership will grant affinity benefits, educational resources and advocacy efforts via the ECA community.

Working together with Red Bull Gaming and their team of professional gamers is a natural fit for us, said Heather Ellertson, ECA Vice President of Marketing. Our goal at the ECA is to constantly expand our voice to video game consumers in new and unique ways, and we are extremely grateful for companies and brands like Red Bull who endorse our message and help us spread the word.

I think it s a great opportunity for gamers to stay updated on happenings in this industry, said Michael ‘Flamesword’ Chaves, Red Bull professional gamer. The ECA benefits gamers in many ways and by providing free access to their newsletter, gamers everywhere can stay in the know on what s happening in their world.