Airplane manufacturer Embraer has decided that when showing off their new Lineage 1000 plane, a simple 2D catalog wasn’t good enough. Their new catalog has magnets embedded in the back cover, allowing the book to actually float when placed above the slipcase (which also has a magnet in it). In addition, the cover of the magazine features a 3D cutout of their plane, giving the illusion of it floating off the ground.

As the world becomes an increasingly connected and online world, regular print advertising has been falling by the wayside in favor of web advertising. To stand out with print advertising, print advertising must become more creative. Embraer’s new catalog here does this by literally standing above the rest. While print may seem like an old and dated method of presenting marketing materials, there’s still room for creativity that can make a product stand out. Or, in some cases, float out.

Source: Mashable