Sony Online Entertainment has announced that it is celebrating the 13th anniversary of EverQuest. The game is now available for free-to-play, and numerous improvements have been added to the game for the full F2P launch.

“Through 18 successful expansions and countless other game updates, EverQuest has forged its place in history amongst the MMO and online game elite,” said Dave Georgeson, director of development of the EverQuest franchise. “With one of the most loyal player communities in the industry, we believe that after 13 years we need to provide them with a wide variety of ways to play the game on their terms. Players can now choose to play in a way that suits them best and continue to expand their game experience . . . until the next milestone birthday!”

Stats for EverQuest indicates that Norrath has over 344,935 NPCs and the game’s wealthiest player’s worth in the real world would be equivalent to $893 billion. In terms of size, Norrath is the179th largest country in the world with 1,050 square miles of land and the fastest mount in Norrath clocks in at 88.8 mph.