Facebook has announced that it will help launch ten core oriented games including u4ia’s Offensive Combat, Plarium’s Stormfall: Age of War and nWay’s Chronoblade. Facebook head of game partnerships Sean Ryan says that they want more multiplayer-focused core genres like first-person shooters and real-time strategy.

“You’ll see a whole set of games hitting in the next two quarters in particular and throughout the year that really start to redefine what people think of Facebook games,” Ryan said. “It doesn’t mean we’re walking away from other games, but there’s no question our focus for 2013 much of it will be about becoming a better platform for core gamers and developers who make those games.”

Facebook wants to increase the number of gamers on its platform, which already numbers in the hundreds of millions. Mainly, they want game revenue to increase after it was flat from the same quarter a year ago in recent financial results.

Source: Reuters