Facebook’s first financial report since going public was a bit rocky, but revealed some positive results. For instance, Facebook COO Sheryl K. Sandberg said that campaigns from companies like Electronic Arts and Wooga turned out great ROI.

“We’re making great progress measuring our ability to help marketers generate sales,” said Sandberg. “Independent analysis of more than 60 campaigns, 45 of which were completed in the first half of this year, show that 70 percent of those campaigns delivered a return on ad spend of 3x or better. And 49 percent of those campaigns delivered a return of 5x or better.”

“Electronic Arts recently spent $2.75 million promoting Battlefield 3 on Facebook. They attributed $12.1 million of their sales to these ads, translating to a 4.4x return on their Facebook marketing spend,” she added. “Wooga, an international games developer, used mobile News Feed to drive installs of its Diamond Dash game. They increased downloads by 26 percent in the U.S., 29 percent in Germany and 37 percent in France, all at attractive costs per app installed.”

Source: GamesIndustry International