The voice of the advertiser has been heard by Facebook, as the social media giant is changing to a 100 percent viewability standard for Facebook ads, according to the latest report from Ad Age. The change will take place sometime later this year, but there’s no minimum requirement for how long an ad has to be on-screen before the advertiser is charged, according to a Facebook spokesman.

The 100 percent in-view buying option only applies to ads running in Facebook’s News Feed (the only place ads appear on mobile). The lack of a minimum time requirement means that someone could be scrolling swiftly through Facebook on their mobile phone (which seems to happen often) and then the advertiser would still get charged. The issue isn’t that important for some advertisers, though, who feel the viewability percentage is a much more important issue.

Facebook’s move brings it some kudos, though, as it does exceed the 50 percent viewability standard set by the Media Rating Council. Unilever, for one, was happy with the news. “It is very encouraging to see Facebook joining the ranks of digital media partners who are setting themselves apart — and this commitment continues the momentum,” said Keith Weed, Unilver’s chief marketing and communications officer, in a statement. “Our hope is that these steps will lead ultimately to 100 percent viewability through third party verification across the industry.”