Erick Tseng, head of mobile products at Facebook, was very complimentary of iOS 5, but had no word on its integration with Facebook. “I think it would be a great combination. I hope to see it soon,” said Tseng.

On mobile growth, Tseng was less reticence. He noted that Facebook now has 800 million active users, and 350 million of them are on mobile, saying that in the next year or two, the majority of users will be on mobile phones.

The regions of Southeast Asia and Africa where most users connect to the Internet through their phones and not a PC, will help make the prediction a reality. “We’re going to become a mobile company,” Tseng said.

Oddly, Tseng avoided characterizing Facebook as a social network, calling it a ‘platform’ instead. “When I say platform, I truly mean platform,” Tseng said, later elaborating, “We have one principle on the mobile team: Every phone should be social.”

Source: AdWeek