GameTrack and Interactive Software Federation of Europe is reporting that the games market is still driven by boxed sales in western Europe. For the second quarter of 2012, the games market for four regions totaled just over $1 billion, with $351 million in Germany, $291 million in the UK, $256 million in France and ‚$107 million in Spain.

Free games were nearly half of all games acquired, with most of those free games being mobile apps. The study found that while online games ARE popular, it does not necessarily drive the market as far as revenue; overall, 51 percent of the French population have played games in the past 12 months, ahead of the UK with 37 percent, 35 percent in Germany and 31 percent in Spain.

“This data proves that GameTrack provides an unparalleled view on the market, but it will really start to show its true potential once we can compare year-on-year quarters and see trends emerge,” commented Simon Little, MD of ISFE