The potential for cloud gaming is vast, given the ability to reach out to multiple types of devices. Gaikai CEO David Perry is at the forefront of making that argument, and is doing his best to promote the idea ahead of cloud gaming’s biggest conference.

“When I present Gaikai to consumer electronics companies and cable and satellite companies, they believe they’re in the entertainment business because they’re delivering movies and music, but they didn’t participate in the biggest entertainment launch in history with Call of Duty last year,” said Perry. “Cloud gaming is the only way these companies can participate in these types of big game launches.”

“There’s been a lot of excitement around tablets and people are forecasting that by next year tablet games are going to catch up to Xbox 360 games. But tablets are catching up to six-year-old technology. What I’m excited about is the next generation of hardware showing up on my TV or Blu-ray player through games before they’re available on consoles,” he continued. “Companies are always saying, ‘We just give the gamers what they want, when they want, where they want,’ but then the question is, ‘What are you doing about it ‘ We all agree that cloud gaming is the best thing for the game industry to make that a reality.”

Source: Cloud Gaming USA

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