The gaming market continues to thrive, especially when it comes to the top 25 public companies.

A new report from Newzoo provided these numbers today, indicating revenues for the top 25 game companies have grown to $28.7 billion dollars for the first half of 2015. That’s a 16 percent ($4 billion) year-over-year increase from 2014’s numbers.

Newzoo 2015 Top 25 Public Companies by Game Revenues

In addition, the company had individual stats to report as well, including the following:

  • Tencent, one of the world’s largest game companies, increased revenues by 23 percent to earn $4.2 billion on its own for the first half of 2015. This is mainly due to its library of popular smartphone titles, and monetization from its core PC audience.
  • Sony saw strong revenues, increasing 12 percent from the previous year to $2.4 billion. This enabled the company to overtake EA and find a place in the top three best sellers, very close to Microsoft. This is mainly due to the success of the PlayStation 4, and the popularity of the PlayStation Plus program, which offers free games on a monthly basis to subscribers.
  • Apple continued to see a rise in its own game sales, by 28 percent over the first half of the year. This is mainly attributed to the popularity of its products in China.
  • Google also saw a boost in Android device sales around the world, moving to a seventh place on the top 25 chart.
  • Out of the top 25 companies listed in Newzoo’s report, only six saw decreasing revenues for the year, mainly in the mobile market. These companies include King (which is still in the top 10) and GungHo, which rely on popular titles like Candy Crush Soda Saga and Puzzle & Dragons, respectively.
  • DeNA, which is currently developing Nintendo’s first mobile game, also saw an 18 percent drop.
  • Asian companies saw a total of 48 percent of all revenues in the top 25, which is a one percent increase from the previous year.
  • NetEase has fared very well with its mobile and PC games, including titles like Fantasy Westward Journey. The company made a total of $1.1 billion for the year, an increase of 55 percent over the previous year.
  • Take Two Interactive saw a great year, moving to number 15 on the list with a 79 percent increase over the previous year. This is mainly attributed to hit games like Grand Theft Auto Online (part of the multi-million selling Grand Theft Auto V) and very successful sports like NBA 2K16. The strong growth should continue well into 2016 with the upcoming action game Battleborn.
  • Mixi debuted at #13 with the success of its mobile game Monster Strike, making $754 million for the first half of the year. That’s a 586 percent increase from the previous year, and marks earnings for the company with each successive quarter since late 2013.
  • Meanwhile, Warner Bros. jumped straight to the the top 10, thanks to the success of such games as Batman: Arkham Knight and Mortal Kombat X.

Not every company saw a hefty increase. Ubisoft, famed publisher of games like Assassin’s Creed, saw a 60 percent decrease, down to $267 million. GREE, likewise, also saw a 27 percent drop, down to $351 million for the first half of the year.

Here are the top 25, as listed by Newzoo:

  1. Tencent
  2. Microsoft
  3. Sony
  4. EA
  5. Activision Blizzard
  6. Apple
  7. Google
  8. NetEase
  9. Warner Bros.
  10. King
  11. Nexon
  12. Nintendo
  13. Mixi Inc.
  14. GungHo Entertainment
  15. Take Two Interactive
  16. DeNA
  17. Square Enix
  18. Disney
  19. Facebook
  20. Konami
  21. Changyou
  22. Zynga
  23. Bandai Namco
  24. NCSoft
  25. Sega

The full report, complete with specific numbers for each of the top 25, can be found here.