Ghost Recon Online was, at one point in time, designed to be a free-to-play title that would release on PC and Wii U. While it was anticipated as one of the first, if not the first, free-to-play titles on the new Nintendo system, it’s been revealed that it may never see the light of day on Wii U.

“As of right now, the entire Ghost Recon team is focused on the PC version only. The Wii U version is on hold,” said Ghost Recon Online’s producer Theo Sanders. “It’s hard to say how the future will go for Ghost Recon Online. I think in the future as different platforms evolving towards service models and towards being really online-driven, community-driven platforms, then we’ll definitely be looking at what our options are.”

If in the future we have an opportunity to address it again, we’ll make future announcements. But as of right now we’re focused completely on the PC version,” he continued. “It’s not a reaction to anything specific happening to [Wii U]. It was a really fun, cool platform to develop for. But you realize once you launch an online service that it’s an all-consuming effort, so we really wanted to have all hands on deck.”

Source: Video Gamer