Gillette has adroitly seized on one aspect of the new Man of Steel movie as the basis for an interesting marketing campaign on YouTube. Early in the movie, we see Clark Kent sporting a beard, but later on when he dons the iconic uniform Superman is clean-shaven. How does he get that way if his beard is as invulnerable as his body?

Gillette has short videos offering the opinions of celebrities like the Mythbusters (Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage), Bill Nye, director Kevin Smith and actress Mayim Bialik. You are asked to vote on your favorite theory, and engage with the conversation in multiple ways.

This would be an excellent template for marketing a game in an interesting way, engaging users with some core aspect of the game. Gillette has tied the mystery to the key benefit of the company’s product, and game marketers would be wise to do the same. Check out the Gillette site here. {link no longer active}