Google has announced that they are adding a “Keep My Opt-Outs” add-on to Chrome which will let users permanently opt out of ad tracking from certain companies. This announcement comes days after Mozilla and Microsoft announced that they would do similar moves with their browsers.

There are more than 50 companies that are members that offer opt outs via these programs, including the top 15 largest ad networks in the U.S. wrote Sean Harvey and Rajas Moonka, Google Product Managers. Some, like Google, enable you not only to opt out, but to tailor the personalization of ads by specifying what types of ads you re most interested in seeing.

Some of the reoccurring issues with such a program is that they usually rely upon brower cookies which might be deleted. By making the program a downloadable browser plugin, it makes op-out choices more permanent.

We’ve designed the extension so that it should not otherwise interfere with your web browsing experience or website functionality, wrote the Product Managers. This new feature gives you significant control without compromising the revenue that fuels the web content that we all consume every day.