Companies using games and apps to reach customers isn’t entirely new, but Stride Gum’s new game Gumulon may be one of the most unique advertising games yet. The game, which is now available on iOS, uses the front facing camera to watch your mouth and use your chewing motions to control the game.

The game has players chewing toward the screen to move a character named Ace around in order to avoid being eaten. When the player fails, the game takes a picture of the player’s dumb chewing face, which can then be posted to social media. For the less adventurous, the app is also playable by tapping the screen as well.

Ever since games like Dominoes Pizza’s Yo! Noid and 7-Up’s Cool Spot back on the NES, advertising products through games has been one of the ways companies have tried to tap into the gamer audience. This new game offers something memorable by introducing this new control scheme, and this new experience to the iOS market.

Source: Adweek