Facebook is currently the leader for social games but Habbo (the top social network for teens age 13 to 16 worldwide) is looking to change that. With over 249 million total registered Habbo characters, an average of 100,000 new members joining every day, and more than 3 million new members joining every month, there’s every reason to believe they can become a force in social games.

“We’re actually working with developers today,” said Paul LaFontaine, CEO of Habbo developer Sulake Corporation. “We’re open for business when it comes to co-developing new entertainment products for the large teen market that we’re able to access.”

“We’re not experienced at building mobile games, we don’t have the best game teams in the world,” noted LaFontaine. “We are one of the best at monetizing teens and creating a safe environment, so why not put the best with the best We’re also moving towards more user-generated content. We’re going to provide best-in-class gaming with user-generated content in a safe environment where teens can spend, and that seems like a great way to grow the service.”

Source: GI.biz