Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell has worked on all five Bungie Halo games, composing some of the more popular scores of the past decade. With Bungie off of the franchise he’s not likely to work on Halo again, unless he gets the call for a potential Halo movie.

“I would love to score the Halo movie. No doubt about it. I think that would be great, said O’Donnell. “I would be surprised. I feel like, knowing Hollywood just a little bit, they would most likely say, ‘We have to have a tried and true Hollywood composer’ and ‘These themes are appropriate for games but not appropriate for movies.’ Or something like that. That’s sort of what I’m expecting. I have a hard time believing that they wouldn’t hint at some theme that I wrote at some point in the movie. But I would certainly answer the phone if somebody called – Spielberg or whoever it might be.”

“And – I might be wrong about this – but I think in the general public, in the populous, the respect for music for games has risen to a really nice, high level. I think Hollywood is sort of an insular place and their friends hire their friends and people that they’re comfortable with. If they’re spending $200 million dollars on some giant blockbuster film, you’re going to get a big name person usually. The exception to that rule I think is when Brad Bird hired Michael Giacchino to do The Incredibles. Michael had done a lot of TV work and some game work. Brad, I think, is one of those spectacularly cool, creative ‘unHollywood’ guys.”

Source: IndustryGamer