Comic book heroines have long had issues with both real proportions and contortions, pushing both to the extremes of believability over the decades. That is being challenged by the Hawkeye Initiative, where many of the ridiculous stances of super-heroines are replaced by the bow-wielding Hawkeye doing the same thing.

“It started off as only a bit of fun and I had no idea that it would blow up the way it did,” said webcomic artist Noelle Stevenson who started the project. “I thought that it was a really interesting way to make people pay attention to the way that female superheroes were posed in comparison to male superheroes. But mostly it was just silly. It’s amazing that so many people were inspired to contribute!”

There are many supporters and complainers, but Stevenson remains unfazed by the complaints. “My favorite part is the people who are getting mad and freaking out about it, because we haven’t done anything but take the poses that were already drawn and replace them with a character that already exists, and the only difference is gender.”