HTML 5 is quickly becoming the go-to platform for browser-based game development. More developers are beginning to invest in the platform for its ability to work cross platform between computer, and mobile devices. In addition to this, advertisers are beginning to recognize this movement from flash to HTML 5 and are taking notice. Advertisers haven’t all made the move yet, as it requires more skill to use the platform, but the jump between platforms is worth it.

A lot of advertising companies and game developers are realizing that the potential for cross-platform, mobile, touch, and online games that HTML 5 offers has enormous potential for advertisers. Video advertising is still a relatively Flash-dominated field, as sites like YouTube continue to use Flash to operate. The rest of the Flash-based world is beginning to move on. Though the barrier of entry into HTML 5 is high and will take time to surmount, the payout for cross-platform utility will be worth it.

One of the factors holding back widespread adoption of HTML 5 has been performance, but speedier mobile hardware and better HTML 5 tools has made that less of an issue. The increasing array of HTML 5 development tools is also making the process of creating HTML 5 content easier. Game makers and advertisers alike need to keep an eye on this technology as it continues to advance.

Source: VentureBeat