It’s understandable how addictive it can be to “binge” watch certain shows on Hulu Plus, but, hey, viewers have to eat sometime, right Now, the channel has introduced a way to feed that urge while continuing to view favorite programs.

Through a new ad dubbed an “in-stream purchase unit,” viewers will be able to order food for either pick-up or delivery through the Hulu page, without needing to turn off their current program. It provides a service to consumers while, at the same time, doubling as an interactive ad for the company. These are expected to roll out later in the year.

In addition, the company has also confirmed cross platform interactive ads, as well as the Hulu 360 ad. For the interactive ads, Hulu will partner with Corona with interactive ads across a variety of platforms, including both mobile devices and living room viewing equipment.

As for the Hulu 360 ad, it’ll work specifically with mobile platforms, with ads that provide a “groundbreaking viewing experience” powered by 360 design company Immersive Media. No word yet on when these ads will launch, but they’re expected sometime this year.

Source: PSFK