According to the keynote presentation from Apple’s WWDC conference, the newest iteration of Apple’s iOS will directly support games through one of the 1500 new APIs the country introduced. Very few details about the ability to develop controllers were shown at the conference, and the announcement itself was only relegated to part of a single slide. Despite this, it’s still an impressive step forward into turning the iPhone and iPad into a full-fledged gaming device.

As more and more full-featured games (see: Deus Ex: The Fall) come out for smart phones and mobile devices, the ability to use controllers on the device is important, and the ability to develop for controllers on iOS is a huge step forward for development of games on Apple’s devices.

Not an actual device

Rumors continue that Apple has been developing a separate gaming controller in its labs. Could we see such a device for the holidays along with an upgraded Apple TV that has an App Store connected to it That would be a very simple way for Apple to immediately become a major factor in the holiday console wars.