Lines were visible almost everywhere the iPad was releasing internationally. Apple started taking orders for the device outside of the U.S. on May 10; they had pushed back the international release date after initial demand in the U.S. proved greater than anticipated.

“If I was a music fan, it would be like the launch of a Lady GaGa album in the U.S.,” said comedian Stephen Fry.

Approximately 450 lined up at a Apple Store in Frankfurt, Germany as early as 3 a.m. in order to snag an iPad. “I’m a bit embarrassed to be part of the masses, but the thing is, tonight it’s going to be sold out,” said one unidentified man.

About 1,200 people lined up in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district, eagerly counting down until opening. Meanwhile Parisian software developer Cara Garisch talked about how she couldn’t wait to read newspapers and surf the Internet. “It’s magic,” she said. “Even my mom can use it.”

Source: AP {link no longer active}