There was joy for many tech heads as they unboxed their iPhone 4 on launch day. That happiness turned to frustration when problems popped up, including problems with reception when the metal side was held on to during a call.

“In some places where the signal was relatively weak, the iPhone 4 showed no bars, or fewer bars than its predecessor,” writes Walter S. Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal. “Apple says that this is a bug it plans to fix, and that it has to do with the way the [wireless reception] bars are presented, not the actual ability to make a call. And, in fact, in nearly all of these cases, the iPhone 4 was able to place calls despite the lack of bars.”

“It grips well in your hand. The reception has improved, although it’s slightly weaker than the [iPhone 3GS] when your hand’s wrapped around the phone,” writes Keith Taylor of Sarasota, Florida. “It also affects the Wi-Fi, but only by one bar, so hopefully not a noticeable difference.”

Others have noted the iPhone 4 is easily scratched and some have reported that the “retina display,” has a yellow tint. Still, despite complaints, the newest iPhone is reportedly sold out at numerous locations.

Source: CNN {link no longer active}