Moshi Monsters is an adoptable pet game that has seen a lot of popularity to date in the 6-12 year old set, giving players the ability to adopt raise and care for little monsters similarly to Neopets back in the early 2000s. The game’s developer, Mind Candy, has decided to take the next step in a children’s franchise: Turning it into a cartoon. Moshi Monsters will attempt to burrow further into its target market with a series of 52 11 minute episodes, and plans for a feature length movie.

Moshi Monsters is far from the first company to make this transition from game franchise to cartoon, though. Rovio released a series of Angry Birds toons, Ubisoft announced its plans to turn The Rabbids to the silver screen, and numerous Japanese games from Pokemon to Persona 4 have made the jump to TV. While Moshi Monsters has seen great success as a game, whether this show will resonate with audiences in the same way is up to the creative staff of the show. If the show does find an audience, it could lead the way to becoming not only a popular game, but a successful media franchise in the minds of kids everywhere.


Source: TechCrunch