It’s not often that a game can look visually stunning from the first cinematic right through to the end of the game, but Killzone 2 manages to do that and more.  The graphical feast continues right past the final confrontation with the enemy and well into the credits sequence — that s showing some care to the user’s experience.

From SubmarineChannel:

The credit sequence of the higly anticipated FPS game Killzone 2 for the Playstation 3 were made by the Dutch 3D designer Joost Korngold of Renascent. “They first hired me to redesign the main game interface,” recalls Korngold calling from his studio in Amsterdam,  “but creatively speaking, I was most interested in designing the credit sequence. “

Guerilla Games gave Korngold carte blanche in creating the main credits and provided him with a few dozen in-game 3D models such as the game levels, vehicels, weapons and characters. “Those were the building blocks that I used to create the compositions,” says Korngold. “I spent one month freaking with the game models and based on that I developed the graphic style. ”

Take a look at his beautiful handiwork here.

{video link no longer active – use link above}