A 19-year-old was arrested, according to British police, because he was suspected of hacking Sony and CIA websites. No confirmed connection was made with the infamous hacking group LulzSec.

He was arrested 35 miles northeast of London and is being held for questioning. Forensic analysts are said to have “a significant amount of material” resulting from the search of the home after the arrest.

LulzSec has hacked several prominent sites, including Sony’s PSN, PBS, the CIA, FBI and the U.K.’s Serious Organized Crime Agency. For its part, LulzSec indicated by twitter that the arrest had not affected them.

“Seems the glorious leader of LulzSec got arrested, it’s all over now… wait… we’re all still here!,” tweeted LulzSec.

LulzSec recently announced that they are teaming up with Anonymous to combat companies and governments that control the Internet.

Source: CBS News