Electronic Arts announced that Madden NFL 13 has sold 1.65 million during the title’s first week, up eight percent jump on the HD platforms over last year and the most positive sales of the franchise this console generation. EA also said that there were over 24 million contests recorded, a 31 percent increase in the number of online games played compared to last year, and Daily Average User (DAU) rates on HD consoles increased 14 percent over last year.

“We’re thrilled to see the great momentum continuing on Madden NFL 13,” said Andrew Wilson, Executive Vice President of EA Sports. “The overwhelming feedback is that this is the best Madden NFL game in a generation. Fans are competing in record numbers, and we expect that type of engagement to only grow with the start of the NFL regular season last night, as fans connect with their favorite teams and players through our game.”

“We have seen strong demand for Madden NFL 13 leading up to launch and through its first week on store shelves,” said Bob McKenzie, SVP of Merchandising at GameStop. “Critic reviews are strong and the buzz from the Madden fan base is more robust than I’ve ever seen. We’ve seen this consumer momentum sustain throughout week one and we expect it to continue into the fall and holiday season.”