Marriott already does a good job with running its hotels across the country, and even did a little bit of experimentation with an Oculus Rift-powered virtual destination for visitors. However, now it’s going all out with the introduction of…programming

Marriott International has announced the creation of a new internal content studio, which will be utilized to develop, produce and distribute a number of entertainment projects, including web series, short films, television shows, movies and music events. The company formed the studio in the hopes of attracting “next-generation traveler” material to its locations, with a heavy focus on millennials.

“We’re saying we’re going to be the largest publishers of life style,” said David Beebe, who is heading up the new studio and seeking out producers for projects. “We’re going to be the Red Bull of this category. That’s where we want to get to.”

Red Bull has managed to grow over the years, from simply making an energy drink to launching its own sports brand, complete with promotional activities, sporting events, movies and TV shows.

Marriott currently has 18 different brands under its belt, along with over 4,000 hotels spanning 78 different countries. So outreach certainly shouldn’t be a problem. “Everyone understands that all of us today are really media companies and content publishers,” said Bebee. “It’s more about how do we do it ”

Marriott has brought in two executives from Disney and ABC to aid the transition of the network, with Karin Timpone, a former head of product strategy and marketing. “The purpose is to create and establish original content as a key component of the company’s global marketing strategy,” said Timpone.

“Today’s consumers are in control of the message and not necessarily looking for brands to be your friends but to add value first,” said Bebee, who also at one point worked with Disney. “If brands can help you out and give you a good experience, you’re most likely to go back to them.”

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Source: Variety