Zynga has announced that they are launching an integration with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in CastleVille. This will put the Queen of Domesticity into the game, allowing players to both interact with the entrepreneur and receive in-game rewards.

“I love playing games, but I love being in a game even more,” said Martha Stewart. “Turning my personal domain into an imaginary and fanciful kingdom is not only fun for me and the players of CastleVille, but a clever way to share my particular style of living with an interactive and creative audience. I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to encourage my fans to take a little break in their day to play.”

Players will begin receiving invitations from Martha Stewart to visit her neighboring kingdom. Players can then interact with her in her home, which has its own unique animals and flowers, and participate in an Easter egg hunt, that will see players build a crafting gazebo to work on different crafts including egg decorating.

“Martha Stewart is someone who people across the world have welcomed into their home for years, and I’m thrilled to welcome her onto CastleVille game boards,” said David Rippy, General Manager of CastleVille. “Zynga is creating a new form of entertainment through our games, and we are always looking for ways to keep play fun and interesting, and to surprise and delight our players by bringing a bit of what they love in the real world to their virtual kingdoms. We’re honored that Martha has journeyed into CastleVille and hope our players will truly enjoy getting a chance to craft with their homemaking hero in the game.”

CastleVille currently has over 26 million players every month. Since the game launched in November 2011, players have completed over 2 billion quests, built 529 royal buildings, raised nearly 100 million baby cows and banished 1.5 million beasts.