Gazillion Entertainment’s president and COO David Brevik thinks that’s MMOs are in a rut trying to replicate World of Warcraft. He’s currently leading the development of Marvel Universe Online, and he thinks that the game’s freemium model is the way to launch a game.

“I have a lot of friends in the industry and… I mean, the budget for The Old Republic is outrageous, but it’s the last, large scale subscription game I can think of,” he said, adding about converting the game to F2P, “Part of the problem with it is that you aren’t going to get the results. This is kind of going back to my talk: if your gameplay is integrated with the very concepts that you’re trying and integrated with the platform you’re going to get a better experience. Converting something to free-to-play works to some degree, but to have the most success you have to have that as an integral part of the game itself.”

“And not only that, but what do you do with your existing subscribers,” he added. “How do they view this How do you treat them ‘I’ve already spent X amount of money on this game. What do I get out of this ‘ There are some tough problems to deal with if you don’t make a free-to-play game right off the bat.”