Not to be outdone by Mountain Dew, Doritos and Chef Boyardee, McDonald’s has announced its own special promotion revolving around Microsoft’s Xbox One game console.

The fast food company has announced that it will give away 14,000 Xbox One consoles, with a copy of the racing game Forza Motorsport 5 included. To win, users need to pick up a medium fries, Quarter Pounder or Premium McWrap, and peel off the included stickers.

The win ratio for the contest is 1:1, so people will walk away with something from the contest, though not necessarily a game system. Other prizes include downloadable games for Xbox Live Arcade, as well as a month of Xbox Live Gold subscription and an Xbox Music Pass.

“With the excitement of the holidays around the corner, McDonald’s wanted to pair the bold, spicy flavors of the Southwest Chicken Premium McWrap and Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder Burger with a chance to win this season’s hottest gift, the Xbox One. Through our partnership with Xbox, everyone wins something for Xbox,” said McDonald’s in a FAQ.

Source: McDonald’s