In the past, we’ve discussed Snapchat’s somewhat pricey advertising plans, and how some companies were hesitant to jump on board — especially for a daily $750,000 asking price. Lately, though, there seems to be more reasons why companies should jump on board its social program — and most of that comes from its young demographic.

A report from Re/code states that media companies and advertisers alike would benefit from the Snapchat audience, mainly because they’re getting harder to track down in other forms of media. comScore recently posted a report indicating that the user demographic has a strong reach on the social app, with 71 percent of its users falling within the 18-34 age range. Out of those, the number of 18-24 year olds are slightly smaller at 45 percent, but that’s still a high count that shouldn’t be ignored.

The chart above breaks down demographic composition across age groups for all social sites, and, as you can see, the 18-24 range leads by a larger number on Snapchat than on other sites, dominating at 45 percent while other sites range from 15 to 28 percent.

With that, despite paying incredibly high fees to advertise on the site, companies have a better chance of reaching said audience through “flash” ads and other types of programming for Snapchat. And the app’s new Discovery platform makes it easier for certain ads to be seen, making the investment worthwhile.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that more companies are hopping on-board the program — in fact, we suggested in a recent article why brands need to hop on the app’s bandwagon. With its young audience still going strong, and more people discovering both the main app and Discover every day, it’s likely to continue its success. Granted, that could mean even higher rates as its popularity grows, but, as suggested by comScore, investment would be a wise idea when it comes to a campaign’s outreach.

You could say that companies should, ahem, “snap” to it . . .