Just in time for the series’ 15th anniversary – and the forthcoming release of Gran Turismo 6 – Polyphony Digital team producer Kazunori Yamauchi commissioned automaker design studios to create their ideal sports car. The project, known as “Vision Gran Turismo,” certainly got the attention of various car makers. Up first – Mercedes-Benz, one of the companies partnering with Polyphony for the game’s release.

The AMG Vision Gran Turismo is a sleek silvery model that features a Formula 1 inspired rear air diffuser, sleek build, and various other features, as well as a specialized V8 engine to assure the sound of the virtual 577hg AMG V8 biturbo engine is like the one used in the game.

The vehicle was inspired by the legendary 1952 300SL racing car, complete with classic louvered grille and star emblem, among other features.

The car made its recent debut at the 2013 LA Auto Show, though it’s not likely to be offered for real. Still, you’ll get your chance to drive it in Gran Turismo 6 when the game releases for PlayStation 3 on December 6th.

Source: PSFK