According to TV viewing figures, Michelle Obama’s address in Charlotte, North Carolina, was watched by about 22 million people, or 1.5 million greater than those who watched Ann Romney, wife of Mitt Romney, a week previous. Mrs. Obama racked up 28,000 tweets per minute at the conclusion of her speech on the opening night of the convention, double the 14,000 that Mitt Romney saw in his convention speech in Tampa, Florida last week and significantly over Ann Romney’s tweets per minute tally of 6,000.

Twitter hashtags #michelleobama and #firstlady were among the top five trending topics on Tuesday night. Mrs. Obama’s Twindex score rose from 71 before the speech to 84 immediately afterward. President Obama got an even bigger boost, from 25 before his wife took to the stage to 54 immediately afterward.

Comedian and actor Chris Rock was among Americans energized by her performance. “I’m ready to vote NOW damnit! Where’s the ballot What day is it Where am I Who am I Michelle OBAMA ladies & gentlemen. Wow,” he wrote on Twitter.