Microsoft is ran a new series of ads during the Golden Globes with the tagline Be What’s Next. The two 30-second spots, one for Bing and one for the Windows Phone, highlight the aspiring talents in Hollywood talking about their real-life experiences and hopes.

“You have a lot of engaged viewers, because like in the case of the power of sports, people watch live,” explained Gayle Troberman, chief creative officer at Microsoft.. “We do a lot of work with the Hollywood community with product integrations and the like. But what’s unique about these spots is that they are contextually relevant to what is happening on the show.”

The company is emphasizing that they can provide the tools for people to achieve greatness. Each spot ends with the lines, “You don’t know them. But you will,” followed by “Microsoft pre-congratulates the Golden Globe winners of the future.

“All our products help you achieve what you want to achieve, which our tagline symbolizes,” said Troberman. “And the Globes are about celebrating that big moment when people have achieved their goals — whether for the first time or the 10th time.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter