Microsoft recently unveiled it’s plans for Windows 8 Surface tablets, putting the company in direct confrontation with Apple’s iPad. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says that the company will cede no ground to Apple without a fight.

“We are trying to make absolutely clear we are not going to leave any space uncovered to Apple,” said Ballmer. “We have our advantages in productivity. We have our advantages in terms of enterprise management, manageability. We have got our advantages in terms of when you plug into server infrastructure in the enterprise. But we are not going to let any piece of this [go uncontested to Apple]. Not the consumer cloud. Not hardware software innovation. We are not leaving any of that to Apple by itself. Not going to happen. Not on our watch.”

When asked about making their own smartphone, Ballmer responded, “Look, we’ll see what happens. We have good partners with Nokia, HTC in the phone space. I love what we’ve got going on with the Surface. We are going to focus on Surface and our other Windows 8 Tablet partners and see if we can go make something happen.”

Source: CRN