From a marketing perspective, Scion’s presence at the 2015 L.A. Auto Show was one of the most interesting ones. Toyota’s Scion’s brand is still very much operated as a living experiment for how one of the true titans in the car industry can reach a younger demographic than its parent company does.

In that perspective, Scion represents the future for Toyota. So what did they reveal about the future of marketing For one, it’s all about being creative. Scion showcased its newest concept car the C-HR, a clothing collaboration coupled with multiple creative projects.

With the C-HR Concept debut and collaborations with our incredible creative partners, it’s an exciting time for Scion, said Landy Joe, Scion’s auto shows and special events manager. Our goal was to interject this spirit in our L.A. Auto Show activations and demonstrate how Scion likes to do things outside of the box.

“C-HR” stands for compact size and high ride. With four side doors and a hatch, Scion says it’s the perfect vehicle for “yuccies,” or young urban creatives, a term the company is using.

“Scion is known for doing things differently, and maybe even being a little weird,” Andrew Gilleland, Scion’s vice president, said during the press reveal. “This C-HR Concept embraces that idea and wears it like a badge of honor.”

Scion’s style statement doesn’t end with the C-HR Concept. Chris Stamp, a creative partner and GQ Magazine’s “Best New Menswear Designer of 2015, will give Scion product specialists a fresh look for the auto show season. Exclusive to Scion, a collection of jackets, shirts and pants take styling cues from Chris’ Los Angeles-based ‘avantstreet’ lifestyle brand STAMPD. Two new commercials directed by Stamp feature mens-and-womens-wear that complement the sporty look of the 2016 iM and sleek aerodynamics of the 2016 iA.

“I wanted to keep the palette for the collection muted so the clothes complement the cars”, said Chris Stamp, creator and designer of STAMPD. “The details are understated, but looking closely you can see how intricate each piece is, adding a modern approach to conventional specialist wear.”

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Hipsters, yuppies, et al – the yuccies are gaining full steam as the next “it” market.