Mario Kart 7 could be a huge seller this holiday and a big boost for Nintendo’s 3DS handheld (along with Super Mario 3D Land), but Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto almost didn’t let Mario Kart 7 turn out the way it did.

“The way the gliders fly isn’t particularly faithful to real life, but I think it feels pretty good in action,” Miyamoto related to Famitsu. “I was actually pretty well against some of the customization features of the game, though. It can be fun to win money for racing and use it to buy parts and such, but I didn’t think that had much to do with the core fun of the series. The idea for that came from the studio staff, though, and my final response was ‘If you can build this customization on top of a solid control and gameplay foundation, then go ahead’.

“Sometimes people yelled at me to look at things more closely but like I said, the core of Mario Kart is pretty solid by this point and I think it’s safe to have it evolve in a pretty staid and traditional manner.”

Source: 1UP