Mobcrush is about to change the way people stream their mobile gaming sessions, with a forthcoming app that will make it easy to show off game sessions with just the push of a button. Now, it’s secured $11 million in funding that will help assure its success.

The Santa Monica-based company has raised $11 million in funding from a variety of investors, led by Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, according to VentureBeat. The full fundraising details are here, including other partners like Advancit Capital, First Round Capital, Lowercase Capital, Rincon Venture Partners and Crosscut Ventures as Venture Capital investors, along with Raine Ventures LLC as a Private Equity & Venture Capital.

With these funds, Mobcrush hopes that its app will provide some serious competition on the streaming front, where Twitch currently has a large user base, and YouTube is knocking on the door with its own gaming service.

KPCB shares our vision for how the mobile landscape is evolving, and sees the massive demand for an easy, accessible streaming solution for gamers on the platform, said Royce Disini, CEO for Mobcrush, in a statement. As our company grows and we get closer to officially launching our product, we re humbled to see the tremendous support from our investors, but also our partners, community and players.

Mobcrush is currently in beta for iOS and Mac OSX, and set to release for Android and Windows very soon.

We spent some time in the Santa Monica area and came across them, and [we] also met them through our seed investor partners, said Mike Abbott, a general partner at KPCB, speaking with VentureBeat. We have an increasing conviction in the popularity of eSports and how it is intersecting with mobile.

Mobcrush has several key members on its team to help with the app, including Google Play games lead Koh Kim, as well as Apple App Store game lead Greg Essig and former Xbox community veteran Eric Doty.

The competition is tough, but finding success isn’t out of reach. The key is what does the community want to do with the content, and these founders have a good understanding of the services and community, Abbott added.

We’ll see just how effective the Mobcrush app is when it launches sometime this year.