MonkeyPaw Games and Gaijinworks have announced a collaboration to help raise $500,000 for the release of Class of Heroes 2. Rewards for fans who chip in will include everything from a thank you note and a poster to a chance to be included in the credits and a flight out to Japan to meet the game’s creators.

“MonkeyPaw Games announced they are picking up Class of Heroes 2, created by acclaimed Japanese developer Acquire Corp., for release in the U.S. and Europe,” the announcement detailed. “They will use Kickstarter to fund additional improvements to the game as well as offer a premium Deluxe Pack physical release of Class of Heroes 2 on the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system. The campaign is a call to arms for all J-RPG fans with the hope of being able to bring even more import titles to Western markets in the future. The exciting campaign aims to satisfy hardcore game collectors with an old-school premium Deluxe Pack physical release in limited edition, which will only be available to Kickstarter supporters.”