Motorola has some big advertising in mind for its upcoming Moto X mobile phone. The question is, will it be big enough for success

The company has reportedly set up a $500 million advertising budget for the new model when the device goes on sale later this year, hoping to draw in a huge crowd with its features and its four mobile service carriers. However, compared to other companies, that’s actually a “cheaper” route.

For instance, last year Apple spent about a billion dollars with its advertising campaign while Samsung went quadruple on that amount with $4 billion on advertising. Samsung’s spend totaled $11 billion when you add in the $5.3 billion on ‘sales promotion’ for in-store displays and other marketing expenses. Compared to the competition, Motorola is being very conservative.

Along with advertising, Motorola is out to make sure that retailers are set to sell the device, as it “has teams ready to train in-store staff on the features of the phone, particularly the new Touchless Control features.” We’ll see how it fares when it goes on sale later this year.

Source: BusinessWeek